2020 PAPS Breeders List

This on-line breeders list is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. In no event shall the Papillon Association of Puget Sound be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages, loss, or any indirect damages, even if the Papillon Association of Puget Sound has been informed of the possibility thereof.

Breeders will often have adult dogs they are willing to place into
wonderful homes. The benefit to having an adult is that they are normally
housebroken, and will not chew on inappropriate items. They will adapt
to a new home, bond with a new owner and will thrive being the center of
your attention. Please contact any of the breeders listed below if you
are interested in adding an adult Papillon to your home. 

Also note that the breeders listed below may not always have Papillons available (adults or puppies).
Papillon litters tend to be small, and many breeders use waiting lists. To be sure that you get a response
from your inquiry please do not mass mail all the breeders at the same time. We get many
inquiries so don’t make it just “I want a female, how much?” Make yourself more noticeable
and tell a little bit about yourself, family, other pets, etc. We really  appreciate you taking the extra time!


WA Mary Brockman
Belle Vie 425-681-6620
WA Deborah Childs-Bronesky
Cameo 360-893-3505
WA Nicholas Forbes
Lynwood WA
Dreampaps 206-372-8737
WA Jamie Foti
Kokomo 360-734-8226
WA Julie Frase

Onalaska WA

Kaleeta 360-978-4210
WA Jeanne Hilterbrandt


Brandt 206-919-0359
WA Janis McLaren
La Ren 360-834-5485
WA Karen Murad
Krystal 253-230-2622
WA Carol Nemchick
Kings Gate 425-422-3352
OR Danni Peterson
WA Nancy Radich
Rocking N 360-683-8805
WA Debbie Tedrow
Delyteful 509-662-3963
CANADA Nancy Verhoog
British Columbia.    Canada
Flinters 250-709-1910

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