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The Papillon and Phalene breeders and fanciers who are members of the 
Papillon Association of Puget Sound are dedicated to 
promoting and protecting this wonderful breed. 

Our club abounds with people who share a common interest in raising,
training, breeding, competing and owning purebred Papillons. Our club
is open to anyone who loves this breed and wishes to become involved.

Our members are knowledgeable about canine nutrition, health, training
and development of Papillon adults and Papillon puppies. Our club 
is a place to meet experts in this breed and learn the fine art of 
showing your dog and participating in agility, obedience and other 
performance events… or just have fun!

Our club strives to protect Papillons and Phalenes in our community. Our club 
offers a list of responsible breeders and participates in rescue networks.

Our Club is centered around the Greater Seattle area and meetings are held every 
other month starting with January and are normally held at dog shows in the area or by ZOOM.


 The Papillon Club of Columbia specialities are just around the corner.  September 14th two specialties first one judged by Mrs Cindy Meyer, and the second one judged by Mr Mel Saranchuk.  Followed by the Timberland Valley Kennel Club shows September 15, 16 and 17th.  

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